JKA is an architectural studio that perform building design at all levels, at all scales and in various forms of cooperation.

We were founded in December 2008 as an independent part of the TETRIS GROUP.
This structure allow us to obtain specialized knowledge from other parts of the building industry through our parent company.

Our close collaboration with TETRIS and other real estate developers allow us to make the best possible building design within the boundaries of the economy.



Our designs reflects the circumstances  from which they are shaped. We try not to work from a predefined concept, taste, style or ‘-isme’.
In order to obtain that, the process follows the following steps.

DESIGN > responsable partner : Jacob Kornum

1: modeling / sketch project

The initial design sketch is modelled combining the elements:
- Client wishes and programming
- Physical and legal site limitations
- Daylight conditions
- Relation to the context
At this point the project presents itself well enough for the client to make essential decisions.

2: sketch refinement
The sketch project is refined to meet demands concerning:
- End user specifics
- Economy and basic buildability
- Aesthetical aspects
At this point the sketch has is developed into a comprehensive design.
Application for a building permit can de made from the design.
The client can get a fair idea of the budget by early pricing.

PROJECTING > responsable partner : Trine Schneider

3: initial projecting
The project is at this point being drafted, described and specified in order to :
- Follow up on inquiries from authorities
- Provide the necessary material to all relevant parties (engineers, builder(s) and client representatives)
- Send the project out to tender (depending on the type of enterprice)
- Incorporate all new aspects into the project material, including mandatory actions needed to meet the price limit
At this point the main structure and the most important details are drafted and described.

4: building process
The architect  participation in the building process is crucial to ensure quality of the final product.
Architect participation normally consists of:
- Meetings on site with relevant parties
- Solving unforeseen issues of geometric and structural matter
- Updating drawings and descriptions to reflect the actual conditions

These 4 steps represent our way of working through a typical project process.
In some cases we provide only parts of the described services.
We make some client / building consulting concerning any architectural aspect.
Quite often our service consists of analysis which is primarily the work described in section 1.